The Reliability

My name is my reputation.  Elsie Russell Florist has been around for so long now that we like to think we know how to make people happy.  If for any reason you weren't happy we would never argue, we would simply replace your flowers instantly. Every order stands on it's merit and your happiness is our prime concern.

The Quality

For over fifty years my family have followed an almost fanatical belief in how to deliver the highest quality flowers. The Dutch introduced the idea of refrigerating flowers when sending them across long distances. From my travels around the world I spend as much time ensuring the best possible care on their journey as I do choosing the best flowers for you. I have never sold an old flower. I would rather throw it away.  You will always have the freshest flowers I can deliver.

The Store

My mother and father, Elsie and Norman Russell started our flower store in Shipley back in 1954. They worked incredibly hard for the first five years both to establish the business and to raise me. Another ten years later and I joined them at the age of fifteen, ready to start my apprenticeship as a trainee florist. After only three years I realised that floristry was my life and decided to attend college to become the best that I could possibly be.

Having completed my education I was ready to take the world by storm and immediately set about broadening our horizons. I travelled to Holland to establish relationships with some of the best flower growers in the world. I also learned a thing or two about how to create awe inspiring displays and returned to England brimming with ideas and inspiration.

After meeting my wife Erica we have become a close creative team and not surprisingly she loves to travel the world with me to find you the finest flowers this green and verdant planet has to offer.

Michelle joined us twenty four years ago as a young girl (although she still doesn't look a day over 21!).

With our passion for flowers spanning three full generations we absolutely love to create a smile at every possible opportunity. We hope you love our flowers as much as we do.

Howard Russell

The Family

1954 was a great year for flowers. It was the year that my mother and father scraped together enough money to open the store. Although my family have been involved with flowers for over a hundred years this was a new venture and Shipley was about to see the start of a store that would bring the finest flower arranging techniques the world had to offer.

55 years later and our passion for flowers is greater than ever.